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About us - FCF Fontanafredda Cold Forging

FCF FONTANAFREDDA COLD FORGING Srl takes this name in 2015 after leaving the scape of ALTIA GROUP in October 2014;  the Company has its origin in 1980 and works in the field of cold forging and mechanical machining for the production of metal parts mainly for automotive industry but with perspective also for other sectors, first of all that for mechanical precision industry.

FCF is a recognized center of expertize in cold forging: an operation of plastic strain of a metal (steel, aluminium, copper, titanium, brass) at room temperature, in which, starting from wire coils of diameter between 15 and 38mm, the material is forced to flow between a main matrix and a punch, in order to produce parts with a defined geometric form. This technologies allow us to produce finished parts with high productivity ( till 80pcs/minute) , better mechanical properties and with an almot negligible production of swarf compared to more traditional mechanical machining by chip removal from bars.

FCF through the years has gradually abandoned the production of fasteners and hydraulic fittings, and with a continuous search for new technologies and the constant commitment to innovation and improve of manufacturing processes has refined its technical Know-how, which makes our strength point and enabled us to become a reference company for the European automotive industry in the production of high complexity components. (  last 12 month production for automotive market was 26 Mio pcs) ;consolidating the production site as a partner of the best known brands in the world both as manufacturers as  1st level subcontractors.

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