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COLD FORGING PRESSES - FCF Fontanafredda Cold Forging
Mass production capacity for high volume series.
Competitive process
Machines capabilities.
Strong Technical Know-How
Quality performance with Zero PPM target
Forging machines – Big Units 
Horizontal press machines (Hyodong BPF637, National 1250, Sakamura 570, Sakamura 650, National 750, National ½”, Sacma, Ceva) with wire/rod cutting capacity up to 38 mm diameter.
Forging machines – Small Units
Horizontal press machines (Ceva. Moroni) with wire/rod cutting capacity up to 8 mm diameter.
 Single-stroke (moulding) FORGING machines
Single-stroke horizontal press machines (Herlan) up to 1000 tons (flange diameter up to about 150 mm).
Forging machines – Standing Units 
Standing multi-station press machines  (Pressix, Stankoimport) with power up to max 1000 tons 

Machining operation

Machining operation - FCF Fontanafredda Cold Forging
Turning lathes – Big Units
Multi-spindle automatic turning machines (Pittler, Gildemeister, Schutte) up to 8 spindles, with max capacity up to 190 mm.
Finishing Lines for Pinions
Muratec, Benzinger, Magdeburg turning machines with WERA Profilator for teeth
Turning lathes – Small Units
CNC (Daewoo, Miyano, Takamaz) up to 200 mm

Key points

Process integrated with 100% control (vision, …)

Full automatisation, including packaging

Soft and Hard Turning capacity