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R&D - FCF Fontanafredda Cold Forging

The whole process of research, design and development of molds is done internally , thanks to a R&D  unit composed by designers, experts of molds and technical operational which are the  jewel in the crown  of the company, recognized also by competitors.

With OVER TEN YEARS of EXPERIENCE of our technicians in the field of COLD FORMING Research & Development of FCF can act in CO-DESIGN with the customer from the early stages of new product designing , having immediate advantages.

This methodology allows to reduce the time of study, increase product quality, reduce the time of development and realization exploiting the advantages of the plastic deformation technology.

The R&D team uses SIMULATION SOFTWARE with the finite element method for the development of the plastic deformation process, in order to verify the feasibility of the product and associated equipment in order to optimize the configuration.
Additional tests and prototypes for analysis can be made upon customer requested.

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